O projekcie

Project description

CONTEXT: The idea of the CULT_Risk project comes from the fact that there is currently a huge migration taking place into Europe. People from the Middle East and Africa come to Europe for a better and easier life. This will lead in the near future to a large number of people being employed by “national” organisations. This can cause a lot of misunderstandings between workers resulting from the lack of cultural competences and the lack of skills on how to cope with cultural risks in the organisation.

OBJECTIVES: The objective of the project is to identify the cultural risks in the organisation, to identify behaviours which cause these risks and to develop methods of how to cope with cultural risks in order for the organisation to operate as efficiently as possible. Moreover, the objective of the project is to design the on-line training for both managerial and lower level staff, that work in multicultural organisations. The aim of the course is to educate the target group on how to cope with the cultural problems occurring in the organisations and how to behave in order not to be socially excluded within the organisation.


  • Staff of multi-cultural organisations (managerial and lower level staff).
  • Adult educators.
  • Individuals interested in exploiting the project results.
  • Individuals and organisations able to disseminate the project and support its sustainability.
  • Policy makers, public authorities and stakeholders interested in the topics of the CULT_Risk project.