Third project meeting

On 24-25 September 2019 the third transnational project meeting took place in Italy. The meeting was organised by Training 2000, which hosted all the partners.
The partners finalised the competence map, which is the main result of O2. Moreover, they discussed the training content (O3) and on-line platform (O5). Training 2000 also presented the proposition of the methodological handbook and training course plan (O4). The partners planned further activities related to the adaptation of the training content to their language versions, and set the date of the next meeting, which will take place at the turn of March and April 2020 in Coventry (United Kingdom).

Second project meeting

On 26-27 March 2019 the project partners organised the second CULT_Risk project meeting. Shelter “Safe House” hosted the partners in Riga, Latvia.

The partners discussed on the acievied results (O1 and O2). Moreover, they presented their propositions of the training content for acquiring competences that can eliminate or minimise risks in the multicultural environment (O3). The next step will be the development of the methodological handbook and training course plan for adult educators (O4).


On 19-20 November 2018 the kick-of-meeting took place in Nicosia (Cyprus). One of the project’s partners – DIPA Solutions – hosted the partners in Nicosia.
The partners discussed the main aspects related to the commencement of the project. Moreover, they presented the research brief on cultural risks in multicultural organisations in their countries. Please click on this link to see the results for – O1 comparative analysis.